Randomised Clinical Trial Grant

This prize is awarded to non-commercial projects for clinical research in the field of cardiovascular pathology.

The research must be centred on the patients and aimed to explore the benefit of interventions (medical or non-medical) in patients with cardiovascular disease.
The research should have a multicentre study design with randomisation between intervention and control.
The research has to be carried out in at least two Belgian institutions, or more.

2024 Emeline Van Craenenbroeck - UZ Antwerp

Cardiac Contractility Modulation in Dilated Cardiomyopathy: an exploratory study on the changes in myocardial metabolic profile, in partnership with the Fund for Cardiac Surgery

2023 Wilfried Mullens – ZOL Genk

Renal-based optimization of Quadruple therapy in patients with Heart Failure with reduced ejection fraction (ReQUAD-HF): a prospective, multicentre, international randomised-controlled trial, in partnership with the Fund for Cardiac Surgery

Fonds pour la chirurgie cardiaque